MOXsonic: Event Space and Technology Information

Hart Recital Hall

Concert works with live performers will be programmed in Hart Recital Hall in Utt. The primary performance venue of UCM’s Department of Music, Hart features an 8.4 Meyer Sound Labs diffusion system, 16-foot projection screen and high-quality projector (Panasonic DW6300, 6,000 Lumens, 1280×800 resolution, 16:10 [WXGA] native aspect ratio, 8-bit color processing) with 100ft HDMI cable (to reach the stage), two Steinway D grand pianos, and as seating for 320.

Fixed Media

Fixed Media works will be scheduled in our Electronic Music Composition Studio in our Center for Music Technology, Wood (basement level). This 625-sq.ft. studio features an 8.1 Genelec diffusion system (8240a/7260), and a separate stereo Genelec system (1031a), as well as excellent sound isolation and acoustic treatment, along with a 42 inch video monitor. Seating for up to 20, this listening room will be open throughout the festival and will enable listeners to interactively choose the work(s) they wish to hear in a top-notch, critical listening facility.

Nightlife and Live Coding

UCM Gallery of Art and Design
Art Center
217 East Clark
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Student chapter members of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) will run our Nightlife events.

All Steinway School

UCM is an All Steinway School. Multiple pianos will be available.


UCM has a wide variety of standard concert percussion instruments.
Please use the contact form link to check with the directors if you have non-standard needs.

Microphones and more

The organizers will provide in each performance space a mixing console, sound reinforcement system, microphones, cables, and a computer and audio interface for fixed audiovisual media playback. Composers of interactive works will be responsible for providing their own computer, audio interface, and any specialized peripherals.

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